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2009-01-26 18:21:21 by VitalNovix

Im eating frosted wheaties..But not the big things themselves...The shit thats left in the bag when they are all gone. Tasty


2009-01-26 17:29:11 by VitalNovix


I doubt I'll do these much. Just when I get the urge to post something...I just posted this in a topic, but that topics near its closing time(most likely...), so POOP ON IT.

This is half of my epic room. Not really. It is half, the other half consisting of a bed, a rocking chair that is as awesome as the pink one, and alot of open flooring. I spend too much time in that pink chair, BUT HOW CAN ONE GET OUT OF SUCH AN AWESOME CHAIR?! Its so damn comfortable.

Sadly, my speakers aren't working due to one of the tubes sparking up and dieing...around 5 times. It still turns on, but then it sparks up and dies again, so I just gotta get a job and buy a new one.

Anyone live in Mi? Anyone actually gonna read this? Where is the best place in Mi to get a job? It fucking sucks here in Rochester..Plus its not even the season most places even consider hiring in...>.>

Anyways, PIC.